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Strategic approach and attention to the finer details is what sets me apart among many other things.

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Who is Thuba?

Thuba is a creative marketing consultant with a loads of passion for strategy development, research, web development & brand development. Having started out in the ad agency world at the age of 19, he has grown to be a respected young voice in the country, with a sharp attention to details and immense focus on all he does. Like any other rising star, Thuba has had inspiration from many of his life’s experiences which has channeled him to create his own path in life and not follow the norms. When he’s not cooking up a storm with his creative intuition, he’s doing music, reading something, jogging and most probably studying. Currently pursuing his Degree in Marketing Marketing at Management College of Southern Africa, with major focus in strategy.

Web Development

Front/Back-end developer with preference and love for CMS, WordPress and a flair of Digital Marketing to every web development project.

Strategy Development

Strategy development fostered by insight and characterized by being a LATERAL LEADER, breaking the norms and bringing fresh approaches.

Brand Develoment

Looking back to say he played a pivotal role in the development of a particular brand, gives him great pleasure – the willingness to be part of the next big thing.

His Story…

Thuba is inspired by the thought of a better world, a world where impossible is nothing, where youths and races have no fear, no fear to pursue who they are, embrace who they are and share who they are with the entire world. Thuba is also inspired by life’s greatest experiences (not challenges: it’s all in perceptions). Such experiences are what bring forth the greatest inner abilities, what fuels persons, what brings forth great innovations and ideas.  As a creator of awesome things, Thuba has had the experience of sharing some of his brightest ideas with leaders in industries and continues day by day to fuel his passion to create a better tomorrow.

passionately and beautifully crafted projects.

Yati Marketing
Swazi Observer
Logotherapy Consultancy
Explore Swaziland
Ziyawa KaZitha
Praise Unlimited
Sprout Media

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